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How to Post Animated GIFs to Instagram and Facebook

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Animated GIFs lie somewhere in the realm between photos and videos, and as of right now, Facebook and Instagram does not support direct uploads of GIFs. (Hmm, is it because they own Boomerang, perhaps?) Currently, if you post a GIF, only the first photo will show up and not the looping animation. Grr…

To post the looping GIF on those social medias, you have to convert the GIF to a video. Here’s how:

1. Download GIFShare app. If you’re at an event, this is the quickest way is get your GIFs up.

2. Giphy.com. If you don’t want to download an app and you’re on a computer, upload the GIF to Giphy.com. Giphy will convert the GIF to video, and email you the video file. Open the converted video file on your smartphone, download, and post. (Note: this only works on the desktop version of Giphy.com, not mobile).

Until Facebook and Instagram start supporting GIFs, try these workarounds.

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